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LUI: Faith Test

My youngest grandson

My youngest grandson

I want to tell you a brief story about some friends of mine.

As a baby he had a heart condition that resulted in a lot of time in the hospital and surgeries. His parents stood by him through it all. Encouraged by his mom he learned to follow God.  From a young age he understood God’s presence in his life.  As he grew up he became a worshipper with his life and his music. His life is a witness to the faithfulness of God and he is not ashamed to share with others.

As a girl she died but with prayer came back to life. Her parents taught her that God had saved her life.  And so as a child of the miraculous she dedicated her life to the one who gave her life. Worship came natural to her and her love of music helped her to grow into a leader.

God brought these two together. With a dedication to God they have weathered storms and the loss of a child. Now their baby son is struggling for his life. He is in the hospital awaiting surgery. They know what God can do and how He worked in both of their lives. They understand His mercy and grace. They are standing for their son’s complete healing.

This week another friend approached me talking about a grandchild that was just born with a deformity. Though the condition can be corrected through surgery it is difficult for the parents.  This baby would not live without the needed surgery and I am sure it will be a challenge to the parents.  I ask for prayer for the family.

As I have spent my Saturday night and most of Sunday taking care of my youngest grandson I have been thinking about these two children who are really in a struggle for their lives. I realize how blessed I have been to not experience the heart wrench of having a seriously ill child. I thank God for that. But I also understand that those who are going through these times have a choice to make. They can go through with faith that the child is in God’s hands or they can spend time blaming God and miss out on the faith building exercise that has been presented to them.

Living under the influence of the Holy Spirit will allow you to go through tough times with grace understanding God’s mercy. The first couple I mentioned understands this. I am not sure about the others but I pray that through it all they come to know God better.

Please join me in praying for these two families. I wanted to protect their privacy by not giving out names but God knows who they are. Use your faith and stand with them. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. jacquie said:

    Well written mom, I am glad you dedicated a blog to these two sweet babies. I am praying for them.


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