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LUI: Hero

iron man 2David was a ruddy young man with bright eyes who had spent his life defending his family’s flock of sheep. Imagine this, one night under the cover of darkness a lion stalked. As David watched he heard the disturbance. There was a sudden rustle on the edge of the flock. David jumped to his feet and headed straight for the sound. When he got there most of the sheep had run but one little lamb was in the lion’s mouth.  With no thought for his life he grabbed the lamb from the lion’s mouth to safety. Then the lion, in a state of anger lunged at David who had just stolen its meal. David with complete confidence grabs the lion’s beard to stop its forward attack, struck it with all his force and killed it.

David knew he was not alone in the fields with the sheep. He had the most awesome companion there with him. He spent hours praying and singing to God. God enjoyed this devotion and decided that this young man though he was not a physical specimen to fear, would be the next king of Israel.  One day after Saul proved that he was not the right man to be king over Israel God sent Samuel to anoint David as the next king. This surprised David’s family. They didn’t even invite him to the selection process until Samuel insisted that none of his brothers were selected.

Some time after this anointing David was on an errand for his father to deliver food to the troops. But when David saw the state of things at the battlefield he was appalled. He could not understand how one large man could stop the whole army of Israel. He wondered why no one was willing to defend the honor of their God. David knew God and had faith that he could defeat this giant who was not in covenant with his God. David called him an “uncircumcised Philistine”. He was referring to the covenant that all of Israel had sealed with God. Faith in that covenant told David that he would win the battle. He did not need fancy weapons that Saul wanted to give him, he just needed what he knew and had. With a slingshot and five smooth stones and the confidence that comes from the Holy Spirit he went to battle and won.

God looks at the heart to find a hero. In our movie culture most heroes must wear a cape and/or a fancy tight fitting outfit and be a victim of a terrible mutation that somehow became something wonderful. Then they must use their powers to save humanity from whatever disaster is happening or about to happen. It all makes exciting movies.

But God’s heroes are those who build the love of God in their hearts so strong that they cannot help but share it. Sharing God’s love involves defending the honor of God. When the giants in this world try to force us to lay down our faith to make sin acceptable we need to rise up and share our faith.

I will be back next week with more.


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