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LUIThe court room was full of spectators, Judge and jury were seated and there Ann sat in the chair of the defendant hoping for a conviction.  Ann hoped she had done enough in her life to convince the Judge and jury that she was guilty. She hoped there were enough witnesses. Ann couldn’t use a defense lawyer and a guilty plea was not allowed. Guilt had to be proven. So step by step, witness by witness her verdict would be proven.  She hoped the prosecutor could not find anything to show doubt. Prosecutors in these cases were accusers and did not want conviction; in fact they failed if the defendant was convicted.

The first witness was her Mother. Ann remembered the bad things she had done as a teenager and the way she had treated her Mother later in life. She was fearful and ashamed. Her Mother witnessed honestly but still showed a loving understanding tone.  Then unexpectedly the Judge opened a bottle and poured out blood on the testimony. It was all covered and forgiven.

Ann’s whole family witnessed against her for past crimes and each time the Judge poured out the blood over the testimony and all was forgiven and covered. Then came close friends some testimonies were good and some were bad but all turned red and then white with the blood. Then there were the people she barely knew, those whom she had impacted with small words but big consequences. First up was the woman who experienced salvation at the deli.  Though Ann knew her from work this encounter was markedly different and completely guided by the Holy Spirit. Pure proof of her Living Under the Influence.

Then the next witness was the worker with a headache at the grocery store. Ann had been just minding her own business shopping when the Holy Spirit told her to lay hands on her and pray.  She followed the directions, asked her if she could pray and got a yes. Ann quickly left never getting her name but saw her looking happy and smiling.  The Holy Spirit had done His work and this was proof of Living Under the Influence.

The next witness was a man she met on another shopping trip who was visibly struggling with back pain. After struggling with the Holy Spirit she gathered her courage and finally walked up to him and asked if she could pray for him. He was happy for the prayer. Her proof was getting stronger.

The next witness was a person she did not recognize. As the witness approached the bench she wondered who the young woman was. The witness said that when she was a child Ann had explained salvation to her in such a way that changed her life and she began to follow God with all her heart. She was now Living Under the Influence and unashamed about it.

Witnesses came and went some good and some bad. But for every bad witness the Judge employed the blood pouring and forgiveness. Ann wondered why the bad things that had happened to her had not been brought into the case. She wondered how this could be just. The Judge told the jury to leave the room and deliberate. They were gone for what seemed a lifetime and returned. They handed their answer to the Judge, but He did not even look at it. He just crumbled it up and threw it away.

He began to speak. “It does not matter what the jury of your peers says about your life. What matters is what I say. The witness of your life must show evidence that you are truly Living Under the Influence of the Holy Spirit, your peers don’t always understand. They can doubt. But I know. I can see your heart and understand your commitment. I look at the events in your life and listen to the witnesses in front of you to help you see how you have impacted others.  I already knew the verdict, but you were unsure. I poured the Blood of my Son on all your transgressions forgiving them just as I promised.  I did not bring up those hard things you experienced because they are for the trials of others. Your trial is for how you handled your life not how others handled you. You are not a victim but a victor.

So My verdict is an undeniable conviction of Living Under the Influence. A heart that is pure and devoted to Me will always be convicted. Now Ann, enter into your rest.

This is how I wish it will be in my future. What about you?

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


Comments on: "Living Under the Influence Part II" (2)

  1. jacquie85 said:

    Great blog this week! Your writing was so wonderful, you really painted a compelling story. Great!


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