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But God

but God

Sometimes I let my “buts” get in the way of my faith. Recently I have experienced this but God has been there with an answer. It sounded something like this.

But God I hurt and they can’t find a way to stop it short of surgery and that may not work or could make it worse.” As I struggled in the middle of the dilemma I felt the prayers of the faithful reaching our Father. And then the Holy Spirit reminded me that God knows what will work even if the doctors don’t. And I prayed, “God lead me.” He sent me to another doctor with different ideas that may help. I will try them and continue to follow God’s direction.

But God I am frustrated because I trusted the medical community to help me and even though they tried, their assistance fell short.” As I struggled with disappointment and disillusionment I felt the prayers of the faithful and then the Holy Spirit reminded me that God never fails. I started to focus on putting my full trust in God and let Him guide me. And I got an email from a friend encouraging me that God has not forgotten me. Her encouragement made me refocus on goals instead of frustrations, on dreams instead of pains.

But God they say it is not dangerous and does not threaten my life but it is painful.” Once again those faithful prayers reached up and send out the Spirit to remind me that God sent His son to suffer and die for me. I prayed, “Oh God help me keep my troubles in perspective.” And then I spoke with a friend who was struggling with discouragement and I was able to help her cope by putting it into perspective. Once again with my mind off of my pain and on the struggle of another I could see God helping me.

And suddenly I was out of the dry deserted area. From out of the blue came a wave of hope. This hope helped me to dream again. I got an encouraging text from a friend about a dream she had. The dream was amazing and encouraged me. Another friend let me know that she had been praying fervently for me because she saw my pain and struggle. God is faithful and always there. I treasure every moment in His presence.

I look around and see Him at work in my life and the lives of those around me and I praise Him. Daily I help people cope with horrible situations and when I hear just a bit of hope in their voices it makes my day. He may allow us to suffer for a while hoping that we will look toward Him for help. Learning to look to God for the hope of our future and not getting stuck in the pain of today will help us keep our perspective. Enjoy your week. I will be back next week with more.


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