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Power in the Blood

revelation 12 11October seems to be a month where we are surrounded by advertising that has vampires, zombies and other gory stuff because of Halloween. The world thinks it is cool to shed blood and scare each other with how gross and morbid they can be. But blood is more important than just something to make a gory movie or to scare someone with.

Physically we cannot live without blood. Blood is the transportation system for nutrition to individual cells. When the blood is cut off the cells die. But even if the blood is flowing well if certain nutrients are missing from its composition the body will suffer. Bodies need a variety of elements to maintain life. I remember when I was a teenager and the doctor figured out that I was anemic and then said that I had mononucleosis. All I knew was that something was wrong in my blood and I did not have any strength to do normal things without wearing out.

Blood is considered the life of the body. In the Old Testament the blood of a sacrificial animal was used to reconcile the people to God. God did not require the sinner to die but made a way for them to sacrifice a specific animal in a certain manner to atone for the sin.

In the New Testament Jesus came and became the eternal sacrifice for our sins. He showed us how to live and love even unto death. But He did not stop there. He rose from the dead and showed us that eternal life is true and attainable. He shed His blood in order to pay the price for our sins. That is some powerful blood. During His life he did not have to bleed on people to heal them all he needed to do was to touch or speak the word and they were healed.

So since I am washed with the blood of the lamb, I have that powerful strength of the blood covering me. I have the power to live a life of love and faith walking with the Spirit of the living God. This is a wonderful gift that should not be wasted. I should share that gift by spreading the good news of Jesus and salvation. I should live a life that loves the unlovely and cares for their eternal souls.

Enjoy your week and remember every time you see blood that Jesus shed His for you so that you could live eternally, not like a zombie but in victory.


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