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Clog Monster

IMG_2117Early one morning I was in the bathroom preparing for the day. I finished my shower and was ready to clean my two piece electric toothbrush.  I turned on the water and dismantled the brush. As I rinsed and cleaned the inside of the toothbrush under the running water I noticed something was wrong. The water was filling up the basin. I shut the water off and waited. Very slowly the water level dropped. When it had all drained out I decided it was time to see what the problem was.

I knew that this drain was not one that could be easily cleaned but I needed to know what was there. I stepped away from the sink after pulling the plug as high as it would go, then I saw it. It was horrible staring back at me. I looked around trying to find a weapon. My mind was moving fast I needed something and I needed it now. I could not let this monster continue to cause havoc and mess up my morning routine. Rummaging through the drawer I looked for my weapon. Nail polish? No!. Makeup? No!.  Scissors? No!. Nail file? No! There it was, the weapon I needed to make this monster leave.

I grabbed it and squeezed, it was working well. I forced my tweezers into the drain and began to dismantle the monster. Chunk after chunk of nasty auburn hair with all types of black dirt began to come out of the drain. I thought it would never stop, but there was still more. The hair changed colors and I knew this monster had been building for a long time. I have had auburn hair for a few months now.

I finished pulling it all out and felt accomplished because now the monster was mostly gone and the water once again flowed freely down the drain. This may be an overly dramatic presentation of a clogged drain. But it made me think about the things that can block my relationship with God and what I need to do to remove any obstructions.

I thought about the things that I saw rummaging through the drawer and how they relate to our relationship with God. Nail polish and makeup are for covering things up and making them look better just like talking a Christian talk without actions. These things do not help build relationships. A nail file that slowly files away at the outside but never reaches the clog would have no effect, just like reading the Word of God and not living it. And a scissors that could cut through the clog but could not remove it would just be an awkward help, like acknowledging bad habits but never-changing them.

God’s light shows the ugly strands of the clog monster, just like when I pulled up the plug and stepped back getting a different view that showed me the problem. Squeezing determination and conviction together like tweezers can remove anything in the way little by little.

I know my concern should not stop with dismantling and removing the clog. Now I need to move into a more defensive mode and daily or weekly check for build up that could turn into the clog monster. Just like keeping the drain clear I need to step back and look at things in my life that could hinder my relationship with God.

Enjoy your week and watch out for the “clog monsters” in your life.



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