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The Stool and the Cross

stool close upAfter the birth of my first child through a c-section, my daddy decided to give me a gift. He had never been one to give gifts over the years, but as we got older occasionally he found something useful that he would gift.  I remember one Christmas he decided to give each of his girls, electric razors. I think that was the first gift I ever remember getting from him.

The gift that he gave me this time was a stool.  It isn’t pretty and it doesn’t make you jump up and down and say “wow”. But as I sat in the shower the other morning I realized that my daddy’s gift was still serving its purpose. Over the years the stool has been used for a variety of things including helping this short woman reach things that were too high up. It was used for painting and most recently once again used in the shower because of a sprained ankle.

crossMy daddy passed away fifteen years ago but his gift is still helping make my life easier.  It made me feel closer to my daddy once again. My earthly daddy gave me a stool that I still use. My heavenly Father gave me His Son on the cross which paid the price for my salvation that I will take to eternity with me.  Neither of these presents is pretty when you initially look at them. But both prove valuable as life goes on. Of course our heavenly Father’s gift is worth so much more than we could ever imagine.

As life goes on we take for granted the gifts that He our heavenly Father gives us.  I remember the day that I realized that Father God is real and alive and committing my life to Him because I understood that there is no other way to live. I remember the wonderful feeling of understanding that my sins are forgiven and feeling freedom when the guilt and oppression was lifted off me. Now as I remember I need to realize that these things have not changed. I am still saved, delivered and healed all because of my Father God and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus.

Remembering these things puts life back into perspective. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. I loved this! Thanks for sharing! ~Blessings~


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