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Falling at the Falls

I logged into my Word Press website this morning and saw  “Happy Anniversary”. It seems I have blogged for 2 years now and still going strong!!!!  WOO HOO, I didn’t even feel the time go by.

For the past two and one half weeks I have struggled with a sprained ankle. My husband Bob and I were on our way home from vacation and decided to visit Turner Falls, OK. We had passed by it many times and thought that since we had time we should stop and see the falls. We found the scenic view spot and looked down at the beautiful landscape.  That was enough of a taste to convince us to go down and visit first hand.IMG_2012

Admission fee paid. Truck parked. It is time to have fun. Since this was a spur of the minute visit I really wasn’t dressed for the hiking and climbing. Most of our clothes were locked in the tool box of the truck, not easily accessible. Off we went on a walking adventure. I was getting hot and wanted to get my feet wet so I rolled up my pants and got into the water.

There were amazing buildings built like castles into the hill-side. We climbed up what seemed like hundreds of steps, all the while being careful because my shoes were not really easy to climb in.  We made it all the way to the top. It was beautiful and we were enjoying having time to ourselves after being with family for days.IMG_2023

Then we trekked down all those steps without incident and walked back to the truck.  I stopped and reviewed a map of the area thinking it would make a great day trip. We could leave early in the morning, pack a picnic lunch and spend the day.  Bob decided that we would drive toward the camping grounds trying to see what else we could see while we were there. He stopped and talked to a worker who pointed us toward some steps where we could go see some caves. We moved the truck and parked.

Before leaving the truck I felt the urge to change shoes. shoeI had been thinking the whole time we were walking that the shoes I had on posed a danger of spraining my ankle. So I changed into some flat flip-flops, which were the only other shoes I had easily available. Thinking I had just done a smart thing to avoid physical harm we set off down the stairs. We walked along a path and saw some beautiful sights along the way. Then we found some stairs that took us toward a cave. Down the metal stairs, then two stone stairs and the cave was right there. I made it down the metal stairs and saw the next step.

Exactly what happened next is unclear.  I landed on my left side, the camera flew out of my hand onto the rocks and my hat flew off my head.  Stunned I laid there trying to figure out what to do next. I could see Bob’s heart sink as he looked back and saw me lying there. Calmly I told him to pick up the camera, which he promptly did. I could not figure out how to get back up, so I tried to divert his attention by telling him once again to pick up the camera. At this point he thinks I must have hit my head and can’t think straight. He looks at my bleeding toe and says we must get some antibiotic cream on it. But I wasn’t worried about the toe, my mind was on the ankle that was really hurting by now. I managed to get myself up, all the while wondering how I was going to be able to walk back to the truck.

I kept apologizing about hurting myself because I could see that my pain was hurting him. I understood how he felt. He had slipped and fell one time and my heart had sunk. I hate seeing him hurt just as much as he hates seeing me hurt. With some help to get up, I managed to slowly walk back to the truck. I kept telling myself, walk it off, walk it off… That is what the old doctor used to tell us when we were kids and got sprains. We iced it down and proceeded toward our destination for the night. I continued to “walk it off” for about a week and a half until I could no longer take it. I went to the doctor and he said to stay off of it and gave me directions for caring for it.

My story isn’t about a sprained ankle this week; my story is about two ways I experienced the love of God in my life. When I looked at my husband’s face and saw the hurt in his eyes because I was hurt I imagined that God looks the same way at us. Can you imagine the pain in the face of our heavenly Father when He looks down and sees us doing things that He knows will harm us and He has warned us about but we do anyway and experience the pain? I imagine the divine Father experiences the same type of heart ache as my loving husband experienced at that moment of realization that I was hurt.

I believe that I was given a direct warning about the sprained ankle by God in my thoughts and I changed my shoes trying to avoid the situation, however we can’t always change the situation. God warns us to prepare us, not always so we can change what will happen. At least that is my understanding based on my past experiences. God’s love helped cushion me from what was about to happen. The thoughts in my head don’t all just come from my mind, some are directly from my heavenly Father and I thank Him for His love as I recover from this painful sprain.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. I could see your pained faces for each other after the falls. Better than watching a romantic movie. Always so good, Kitty.


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