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Family Reunion

The back side of our family reunion T-shirts.

The back side of our family reunion T-shirts.

For three years I anticipated this family reunion that brings 6 siblings and their families back together to get to know each other. It is our effort to keep us together even though we are physically spread out all over the country and sometimes the world. Our parents are no longer alive so the natural bond is gone. It takes a real effort to stay connected.

This year one brother and his family were missing due to job changes. But for the first time all my children and their families were together. It was absolutely awesome. I did not witness any family squabbles, which is a real accomplishment.

The trip to the reunion was not without incident. On our part there was a closed down interstate due to a truck fire, and the fun of navigating around it. There was a dog bite to my face from my sister’s aged and handicapped Sheltie. The air conditioning in the truck quit blowing cold and when we thought it was fixed the problem got worse. Then a three-hour stay over at a dodge dealer for repairs slowed our arrival. But we were troopers and did not let it or the cost of repairs dampen our spirits. Then more truck issues which did not get fixed even though another mechanic tried to help. Thank God those issues did not stop the truck permanently. One of my nieces had her car break down also and had to be towed.

But we all made it to the reunion and enjoyed our time together. The day trips to the Water Park and St. Louis Zoo were great. The talent show was amazing. I did not know that there was so much talent in the family.  Can you believe that my puppet Orange’, my daughter-in-laws, son-in-law and I only got 4th place? Of course Grandma Kitty was a hit with her balloon creations. All the kids kept coming back for more after they burst.

This is what family is all about, enjoying time together and getting to know each other. Some families live close to each other and this is an automatic process, but when you live miles apart you have to plan and work hard to make it happen. We are already working on the plans for the next reunion three years from now.

In Christianity we also have to plan and make an effort to stay close to God and those in the family of God. It takes commitment and planning to have time to build these relationships. This daily commitment to a lifestyle of serving God and our fellow-man with an attitude of gratitude no matter what comes our way does not come naturally. It can only be accomplished with the supernatural assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy your week and spend some time enjoying and appreciating you family.


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