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IMG_2008Over the past couple of months Nemo, our Shi Tzu has suffered from eye problems. He has had one eye with chronic dry eye. It gets goopy and looks nasty and he has some trouble seeing out of it. Shortly after we got him I was taking him out for a walk and he walked right into a telephone pole. That was when I realized that he could not see well out of that eye.

The Vet said that he needed tears put in his eyes each day, but at the time we had no money for anything so we could not do it. More recently his other eye developed an ulcer and he could not open it. Now my fear was a completely blind dog. I took him to the vet but they wanted to do expensive tests. Instead they decided to treat him for an infection. The eye got worse and I had to take him back and have the tests and found out that it was an ulcer. The Vet gave another type of antibiotic.  After a day on both antibiotics his eye began to look better and he could open it, but the vision was bad in both eyes now.

I would take him out for a walk and he would walk off the alleyway with a thud. He would walk into fences and could not see where he was going. I had to shorten his leash and lead him rather than letting him lead like we usually did. I prayed for him to get his sight back and others prayed too. All the antibiotics were done and still his sight was not returning. People continued to pray and over the course of time I realized that he was no longer falling off the alley into the grass and he quit running into fences. He even saw the horse in the field behind our house. This was a major improvement.

He is able to see better now and I give God the glory for restoring this little dog’s vision. There are some people on my prayer list that have also experienced miraculous healings recently. I am not at liberty to share details on these people at this time. I know that I am not the only one praying for their healing, and I take no credit. I just want to give the glory to God for all that He is doing to heal people and pets.

This tells me that God cares about us and the ones who are close to us. He can and will heal pets and people. Sometimes all it takes is asking Him and then recognizing what He has done. Then there is no reason you can’t share those wonders with everyone you meet.

Look around and recognize the everyday miracles in your life. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


Comments on: "Everyday Miracles (Part 2)" (2)

  1. I got so excited when I read this about your little dog’s sight being recovered. I know God wants to do this more as we believe Him. So encouraging.

    I tried to leave a comment on the family reunion and couldn’t. Not sure it would not post it.

    Keep writing, Kitty. We are blessed by what we read from you.


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