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Everyday Miracles

IMG_2011As I walked Nemo this morning I realized that God has done amazing little things in my life. Last weekend I spent hours looking for a swimming suit at many stores. At each store I either could not find anything that looked like what I wanted or the price was too high for me. You see I don’t swim much anymore and I can’t really justify spending $50 or more on a swimming suit that I may use 5 or fewer times this year. My old suit has a fuzzy bottom from sitting on concrete and it is a little too big for me since I have lost weight.

My daughter told me to go to Old Navy because they had one piece suits and for a decent price. I went to my local Old Navy on Saturday, which was a mistake.  After driving through a ridiculous line of traffic at the mall I finally broke free and parked far away from the crowd. I walked a while to get to the store, but that was preferable over the horribly slow drive to find a closer parking spot. As I approached the store I saw workers on the sidewalk, and thought it a little odd. Then when I got there I realized that the store was packed and they were only allowing a few people at a time into the store.  I made it about ¼ of the way down the aisle and there was a line of people. At first I thought they had brought in a celebrity and these people were waiting to see them. But has I worked my way through clothes I realized that this was the line for the check out. It started there and snaked its way to the back of the store and then around the corner and back up to the checkout and through the zigzag line at the front. As I looked at the people in line, they all had a common product, flip-flops. I later found out it was a one day $1 per pair of flip-flops.

I could see the wait would be at least an hour if I found a suit that fit. Since I had worked my way into the store I decided to see if I could find a suit. I took two into the dressing room and tried them on. To my displeasure they did not fit. Then I decided no sale was worth that wait and I left. I decided for exercise I would take the long way back to the car. I ended up in Dillard’s and found that they had many suits but after seeing the price tags, which I shouldn’t have been surprised by, I decided to call it a day and go home. My consolation was that I could wear the suit that I had and just wear a pair of black shorts over it.

Then on July 4, I went to Dollar General to get some fabric softener. As I headed toward the check out I spied a swimming suit all by itself. I looked around and realized it appeared to be the only one in the store and it looked like it would fit. I bought it, took it home and tried it on. It fit and after a slight sewing adjustment I have a new suit for just $16. I give the glory to God for having that suit there for me.

You may say this was just luck, but I believe that God directed my steps to just what I wanted at a price I didn’t mind paying. And I did not have to suffer any more frustration in the looking process. Why not look back over your week and see if you can recognize a time where God directed your steps. You may be surprised at what you find.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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