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Wisdom and Understanding

proverbs 2 10 12 and 16 9These two scriptures have comforted and challenged me this week.

Daily I seek to put forth wise decisions and understanding. Making difficult decisions day in and day out can wear you out. When I read this scripture I understood that God is guiding my daily decisions with His wisdom. He guides me. It doesn’t matter to Him if I am at work or play, He guides me. I felt a release when I realized once again that God guides my every step and decision. I still have the choice to follow the guidance or go my way, but I know He guides me in the right way. Sometimes I ignore His quiet prodding and end up making a mistake. But on those times when I hear and follow I am amazed at the results.

Stop and think. Has anything happened to you lately where you could not explain how you knew what you knew? Sometimes you just know what you need to be ready for. It happens to me at work. I will be in a short period of waiting for the phone to ring. I will reach over and start reading some of the material for my job and as soon as I get on the phone I realize that it was exactly what I needed for the call. I thank God for guidance. He always gives it, even when we don’t specifically ask.

Looking back over the years of my life I see how God has directed my steps. I can see times when I resisted his gentle prodding and times when I quickly followed. I wish that I would follow each direction quickly and without resistance, but that does not happen. Sometimes I am so wrapped up in what I am doing to realize that this life is not just about me. This life is about spreading God’s love to a suffering world. This life is about spreading good news to those who are hurting. It is about helping those who are lost in situations and circumstances that they don’t understand and from which they cannot escape. Life is bigger than me and I need to keep that understanding in my mind so that I can act appropriately.

Maybe having true wisdom can be defined as knowing that life is not just about me. For if I truly believe that God directs my steps then I will acknowledge that my life is not my own but was given to me by One greater than me. I will have to acknowledge that I must always be aware of His presence in my life. This is the struggle of living a Christian life.

Join me in thinking on that and I will be back next week with more.


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