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A Solid Foundation

1 corinthians 3 11 13

With the recent disasters in Texas I have thought about building structures. The pictures bring to life the understanding that one moment a house is livable and then the next minute there is nothing but debris and a foundation. Whether the destruction comes from a natural disaster such as a tornado or a fire that lead to explosions the results are the same. There is damage and destruction.

As I watched the pictures the one ray of hope that I saw was that the foundations that were intact. Even though the structures were blown away and unrecognizable the foundations looked good. Then I began to think about my spiritual foundation, the rock on which I built my faith. I realized that storms have come in my life and totally destroyed what I was building. I felt devastated and defeated, but God has guided my steps in rebuilding the structure and making it more solid than before.

Just like these destroyed buildings may be rebuilt stronger, my life is being rebuilt. I look back and remember the pain and suffering I endured and I then look in the mirror and see the person I have become. I am different, but my foundation is the same. I am still the same person but my structure has gone through some good changes that have made me stronger. I felt shattered and destroyed but now I feel and look stronger and more alive.

Last week with great confidence, I visited some people whom I haven’t seen since my biggest storm. One of them told me I looked very good and that my countenance was much improved over the last time we met. That helped me to realize that I am healing and being restored day by day. The process is slow and sometimes we don’t see the difference until we see it through someone else’s eyes. Perspective makes all the difference.

I thank God that through the devastating storms of life He is there to pick us up. He is there to guide all of us as we rebuild our lives and He makes us stronger through what we experience. I am thankful for family and friends who never give up on us and always believe that we can be repaired.

I pray for the victims of the recent tornadoes and explosions in Texas. And I also pray for those of you who are feeling devastation in your spiritual life. May God help you recognize the rebuilding He is doing in you. Build you life on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ and you will come out better than before.

Enjoy your week. I will be back next week with more.


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  1. Our Foundation still stands and is still the same. Thank you for giving us hope in our personal storms and in those of Texas. We miss you–and Bob.


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