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Golden Nuggets

fish hook cornMy husband took me fishing this morning. It was great to relax and pray around the lake. The lake had a lot of grass and moss around the edge, so it made it a little difficult. The picture that I want to share with you is one of the bait. I was using corn and the first time I pulled my line in the corn was completely covered with moss. Then I thought about how corn works. I believe that the color and maybe the flavor of the corn attract the fish.

Corn is golden-yellow and shows up great. Then my thoughts went to my week. I realized that God had put some beautiful golden nuggets into my life but I allowed the weeds of worry to cover them up. When I took the moss and grass off of the corn and added more corn to the hook I realized that the more corn there was the more attracted the fish would be to the hook.

This is also true in our lives. The more of what God has deposited into us that shows through the rough exterior of weeds from worry the more we reflect His love. When I threw the line back into the lake, I suddenly got some bites. I did not catch any fish this morning. My whole purpose of going was to relax and seek God from the side of the lake. I accomplished my goal.

I enjoyed my morning in nature seeking God. How was your Sunday?


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  1. Compulsive Writer said:

    Nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award…


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