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Trusting Like A Child

IMG_1927I learned something from my newest grandson today.  I was folding the wash and he was lying on the bed watching me, at least I think he was watching me. A sock landed on top of him. He continued to lay there unaffected by the rather large sock. He continued his normal feet kicking and arm swinging.

Occasionally he grabbed the sock, but could not figure out what to do with it or how to move it. I was almost finished folding the rest of the laundry when I decided to see what he would do if I gave him a few more socks to fold.

All the while I had told him to fold the socks for Grandpa and he continued to swing his arms and kick his legs as usual, but no real sock folding.  IMG_1928

Next thing you know he was covered with socks. He just laid there without a care in the world and without a clue what to do with those socks that now were completely covering his tummy.

I gently picked the socks up one at a time and folded them up. As I folded them I spoke to him about what a good job he was doing folding the laundry. I even took pictures to prove that he had done a great job in folding all the socks. IMG_1929

You see I think we are just like Jack sometimes. God looks down on us and asks us to do things, but we don’t really understand what He has asked. So we just lay around and wave our arms and legs. He said to come to Him as a child. Today made me wonder about that.

As I gently laid more socks on little Jack, he didn’t complain he just moved around and wondered about the new sensation of the socks. He occasionally got a hold of one and moved it but had no direction about what to do. Then as he patiently waited the socks were removed from his tummy and folded out of his way.

Sometimes I think God puts things on us just to see what we will do. I don’t think he expects us to know exactly what to do all the time. I think he just wants us to trust him and bear the load for a while, then He will remove it.

Is coming to God as a child, trusting that whatever comes our way will not destroy us? Is it, trusting that the one who gives us what we have can also take it away when the time is right?

I guess that is something to think about. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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  1. /I sure needed this one tonight! This is how I feel for the moment. Thank you, dear Kitty.


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