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DreamsOnce upon a time in a place inside my heart there lived a dream. At one time the dream was vivid and vital. It was so expansive that it enveloped my whole life. The dream empowered and directed every step I took. It took on a life of its own and I became a small part of the bigger picture. I went along for the ride. But somewhere, somehow the dream slowly got smaller and smaller. It faded into the recesses of my heart and became a quiet seed waiting for water so it could grow again.

We all have dreams that have driven us. Maybe it was a dream of winning a championship or gold medal. Or you dreamed of achieving an academic award or degree. For some people it was a career dream or a dream of a spouse and happy family. We have all had dreams, some have come true and some have faded back into our hearts waiting for the right time to come out.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • Everything seemed clear and then suddenly there you are, surrounded by harsh reality.
  • Life was always fun and suddenly the cares of this world took over.
  • Life was full and vibrant and then out of no-where you are in a struggle to survive.

Is it because of mistakes and missteps? Maybe some of it is. But what was done wrong may have nothing to do with what has happened. I believe most everyone can probably relate to at least some of the statements above.

When we are following the dream our path seems clear, our life is fun, full and vibrant. Then something very subtle takes us off the tract just a fraction of a degree and down the road we end up miles away from our destination.

What has happened? Life happened.  As I read the Bible I see that life happened every day. Life included a lot of bad things and good things all mixed together.  As I look around I see endless cases of dreams fading and people struggling. I believe it is the story of life. I believe this life would be pointless without the struggles. The struggles teach us who we are. The struggles allow what is inside of us to shine forth and be seen by all. Sometimes this is good and sometimes the bad comes out, but that is also part of life.

Why do dreams fade away? I wish I knew the answer, because I have a few in my heart that are just seeds waiting to have water to grow again. They used to be big and vital, but now are just thoughts in the night. Someday we will all understand where they go and why they fade. Some day we will see our dreams full and vital again. Those are the days that I live for. Those are the days of hope and future.

Moses started out with a dream to free his people. He killed an Egyptian thinking this was the beginning of his journey to fame and fortune. He ended up in the wilderness for 40 years before God appeared to him and said it was time for the dream to begin. Then he had to put up with grumbling and complaining people as he led them to freedom through the wilderness for another 40 years. It wasn’t exactly what he thought it would be and to top it all off he didn’t even get to enter the Promised Land. But he did get to experience the most intimate relationship with God that any man had. I believe that made it all worth it.

Enjoy your week and don’t give up your dreams.


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  1. So good, true, and encouraging, IKitty.


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