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Passing the Test

testing Nemo

Testing Nemo to see if he could get the toy out of the bag.

As I have pondered the meaning of Palm Sunday and read the different accounts in the Gospels, I noticed that some of the Bible translations title this time as the “Triumphal Entry”.  I realized that Palm Sunday was a man-made triumph. According to the Gospel of John Chapter 12 people came out to see Jesus because He resurrected Lazarus from the dead after 4 days in the tomb (John 11:17). They were hoping to see Jesus and Lazarus. They wanted to witness first hand this spectacle of a dead man who Jesus brought back to life.

They decided that since Jesus possessed this power it was time to make Him their King. Jesus, knowing His time was short, rode the wave of their adoration. He knew that it was a short-lived glorification by men, but He also knew that it had been prophesied and He must fulfill this prophesy.

In John 6:15 we see a previous episode of the people wanting to make Jesus the King, but He escaped their grasp and moved on, because it was not the time. The real glorification of Jesus happened on Resurrection Sunday, when God glorified Himself by raising Jesus from the dead.

My revelation of this has led me to understand that the praise of men is very short-lived. With Jesus their praise only lasted a week and then they abandoned Him and sent Him to His crucifixion. But the praise from God never stopped. When Jesus suffered, His Father never said He had done something wrong, He was just silent.

God never condemned Jesus, He was just silent through the worst of the suffering, so that Jesus would make it through on His own and then be glorified on Resurrection morning for the entire world’s salvation. That is the truth, it seems when we are in our worst trial we hear God’s painful silence and have to press through on what we have learned before the test. These are the tests that God lets us take to see who we really are and if we are ready for our future with Him.

So take the test and pass with flying colors like Jesus. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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