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All six of us at a family reunion.

I ended last week by flying out to Indiana to my sister-in-law’s funeral. It was a sad occasion, but a good time to get re-acquainted with family. My nephew impressed me by delivering a riveting, professional eulogy that contained a wonderful salvation message. Of course I have never heard the Cool and the Gang “Celebrate Good Times” song played at the beginning of a funeral, but it seemed appropriate since we were celebrating her passing on to the eternal reward.

My trip was not without its mishaps. Sitting in the airport waiting on my flight I decided that I should get some water. As I searched my purse I realized I had left my cash at home in my other purse. Thank God I had put my credit card in this purse. I managed to get on the plane and get a front row seat. I thought that would be good for getting off in a hurry to catch my next flight, except that I didn’t find out I couldn’t keep any carry-on luggage at my feet until most of the people were on the plane. I had to put up my luggage at least 10 rows behind my seat.

The flight took off a little late because of a maintenance issue, but the pilot said we would make the time up in the air. We landed around 8 minutes late, which would have been ok, but there was no-one to drive the air bridge for us to unload. For at least 10 minutes we sat and waited to get off the plane. My brother called me and right after we landed. I told him it would be a while because of the air bridge and my luggage being behind me. He said he would wait for me at the gate and we would walk to our next flight together. Ten minutes later he called again and we still had not gotten off the plane. He said he was heading to the plane and would tell them to wait for me.

As we waited to unload a kind woman sent one of my bags up to my seat. Now I just needed to get back to bin number 10 to get my backpack. As people struggled to grab their items I made my way to the open seats until finally I was able to reach my backpack and run up the aisle grab my other bag off the front seat and head out the door. So here is the picture. I am wearing a coat, with my backpack slung over one shoulder and a small bag over the other shoulder trying to run. My legs are not accustomed to running. At the end of the bridge I stopped to confirm that I was going in the right direction, I asked two different airport workers before I got confirmation of the direction I should run and then I took off. Quickly out of breath I slowed down to a trot. Then over the loud-speaker I heard my name being paged. At that same moment I caught sight of the gate I needed to reach and started running again. I reached the check in point out of breath, handed the attendant my ticket and stopped to catch my breath. The attendant told me my brother was on the plane. I decided the rush was over and I slowly walked down the air bridge trying to catch my breath. I was glad to see my brother and his wife and there was plenty of space for my bags because this flight was not crowded. After a slight coughing fit from running I was able to settle down.

This was just the beginning of my trip but being with family made me feel that even if there were more bumps I could handle them. I had struggled with the decision to go but thanks to my brother I was able to make the trip and make my flight.  I realized that God has given me a family that loves and cares for each other. I came away from this feeling closer and understanding that our family is there to support each other in our times of need.

For years I separated myself from my family because of differences in philosophies but now I realized that no matter what, we are family. It seems that the older I get the more I realize that even if I don’t agree with my family we still love each other.  I treasure each moment I have with my family now more than ever, because we never know which moment will be the last one we have together.


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