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My Life is a Cookie

jack thinkingI have thought a lot lately about the sad circumstances in my life and the happy ones. And then it came to me. My life is an Oreo cookie. When I was younger I used to only want to eat the middle of the cookie. I just wanted things that were super sweet.  The outer cookies were just there to make it easier to get the cream filling in my mouth. But as I have matured I have begun to realize the flavor and goodness that can be found in the cookie without the middle. And for a time I no longer wanted the double stuff cookies because there was too much sweet. Now on rare occasions I will eat a regular Oreo and savor the flavor of the cookie and the cream and how they work great together to excite my taste buds.

This is the way life is. And over the past few months I have seen bitter-sweet events, the passing of a niece and a sister-in-law. There was a bitter pain of realizing that they would not be around any longer, and the sweetness of knowing that they have passed on to the next life and are no longer suffering. Then right in the middle of these events there was a wonderful happening, the birth of our fifth grandchild. He is like the cream filling that makes the outer cookies easier to digest.

God is like that. When we begin to feel overwhelmed He will bring something into our life that will allow us to have some relief. I praise God for his mercy and for the cream filling in my life.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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