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Bitterness or prayer

Luke 6 27 to 29 matthew 5 43 to 45I have used these two scriptures to help me when there is someone who rubs me the wrong way. Most of the time, these people say they are a Christian but their actions show no fruit of the Spirit. I am a watcher. I listen to what is said, and then I watch to see if what is professed is lived out. I understand at times people may fail and there is forgiveness for that. But you should not have to tell me you are a Christian. I should be able to see it in your life. People like this, whom I have consistent contact with in my daily life will probably be put on my prayer  list.

Being put on my list is not really a bad thing. Actually, being put on my list is my mechanism to help me treat you with love and concern and not bitterness and anger. If you are on my list, you will be prayed for daily (or almost every day).  God showed me years ago that this will help me to grow and help me to bless those who are not living the life they are professing.

I don’t know for sure that these people are the ones spoken of in the scriptures above, but I do know that over the years the people I have added to my list have become easier and easier to pray for each day. And over time my attitude toward them has become more of compassion and concern. I have been able to watch some of them change for the better and I like to believe part of that was from my constant prayers for them.

When I began my journey toward salvation, I was bitter, unforgiving and thought I knew it all. Some of the first born-again Christians I met took me on in prayer. They daily lifted me up to the Lord and they watched me change. It was not instant, but it was a powerful change in my life. They prayed me to salvation and beyond. Some may still be praying for me today. Because of their prayers I have watched God’s hand on my life and I am thankful for that.

If you have anyone who is difficult to deal with put them on your list. Pray for them daily and watch your attitude and theirs change over time. This is how we make a difference in the Kingdom of God one person at a time.

Enjoy your week I will be back next week with more.


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  1. Great idea! I find that I grow in my compassion for “enemies” when I pray for them…

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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