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stairsAs I think about Christmas this year I wonder how our society got so far away from the real meaning of the season. One little change lead to another little change which lead to another little change which lead to another little change which turned out to be a big change from where we started.

I compare it to climbing a set of stairs. You just take one short step at a time and by the time you are finished you are at a whole different level. You look back and wonder at how one little step at a time can make such a great difference in where you are now.

Sometimes steps are great to get us where we are going. They help us rise above situations and can take us to a higher level that is good for us. But sometimes the little steps lead us to a dark dungeon. When we arrive we wonder why we took those steps and how quickly we can make the return trip.

With Christmas our society has taken many wrong steps and over time nothing seems wrong any more. Watching television you get the feeling that Christmas is only about gifts and Santa Clause—whose story changes every season. The true meaning of Christmas is lost. Charlie Brown’s Christmas was the only special that I have seen this year that even mentioned the real Christmas message.

IMG_1333God loved us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus to be born into this world, not in a palace but in a manger. He then got to experience life with everyday people who would eventually be the recipients of his wonderful sacrifice for their salvation.

Christmas is about sharing the good news of Jesus birth with the world. It is about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior. I have to admit, I haven’t taken many opportunities to share the good news lately. I seem to find myself caught up in making a living and catching up from getting behind. I get caught up with sad stories from work and sad situations in relatives’ lives and happy times with family and anticipation of a new grandson. Life is full, there are things to do but if I forget the One who gave me life I am wasting my time.

So this year I wish you the merriest of Christmas’. I hope that you will be able to experience the joy that comes from knowing that Jesus came to this earth for your salvation. Share the joy of salvation with your family and friends. Share the Christmas story with your children and/or grandchildren.

Merry Christmas!!! I will try to be back next week with more.



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