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Marriage a Gift from God

Enjoying life

Enjoying life

Each year of my life I realize my dependence on others.  As the years fly by in my marriage I have come to understand how I depend on my husband Bob.  I daily experience his watchful eyes that carefully guide me around obstacles that I don’t perceive. For many years I resisted his wisdom because I was too independent, but now I understand his motivation is love and concern. He helps me with my injuries and infirmities. He patiently cares for me.

The concern is mutual. As we gracefully age I help him more with day-to-day life. We have learned how to motivate each other with gentle love and stern concern.  We have learned what makes the other one laugh and how to complement each other out of the depths of our hearts. Our relationship has matured to the point that differences of opinion don’t always cause arguments. We allow the space to disagree and still love each other.

My marriage has given me a picture of a relationship with God.  God carefully watches over his creation, but allows it move forward without dictating every move. Out of love for us God have given us a free will. When that free will comes in contact with the Creator of the universe there can be friction. But as you mature in life and realize that the Creator did not create you to dictate your every move. God wants to be loved, but only when you reach the point that you want to love Him.

Once you realized that God actually has your welfare in mind when he offers salvation it is easy to accept. However being sorely independent and wanting everything your way will never get you to the love of God and the peace that He brings.

In this Christmas season think about the gifts that you have been given. Think about the relationships that you have and how God has been there for you throughout your life. It is a time to realize that God sending His only son was a sacrifice of epic proportions for your salvation. Learn to appreciate what God has done in your life.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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