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Simplicity and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving football game!!

I struggle this week because of the complexities of life. I want the simple life, but I am not sure I have ever lived a simple life. When I think back the time of life that seemed the simplest was when my children were little and we got snowed in. We spent the day outside building a fort of snow, drinking hot chocolate and having fun. We had snow ball fights and fun warming up as a family.

Another fond memory was just a few years ago playing football with some of my grown kids at Thanksgiving. I long for the day when my whole family can be together. We have had family reunions but there are always those who can’t make it.

When the world is going crazy sometimes you just have to find a way to relax. Thanksgiving is a time when I get to see some family, but once again it is a time when we can’t all be together. But I will enjoy the time I have with kids, grandkids and family.

Take some time this Thanksgiving and enjoy the family you have if you can. If you can’t be together at least remember the times when you had fun together.  I pray that you have a wonderful holiday and have time to share with those who mean the most to you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll try to be back next week with more.


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