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In the spirit of Thanksgiving here is my thankful list:

I am thankful for:

  •  Salvation
  •  My husband Bob who is always there for me, in good times and in bad until death do we part.
  •  My children and their spouses who make life more exciting to live.
  •  My son and son-in-law who serve in the military. (Happy Veterans Day!)
  •  My grandchildren who bring hope for the future and are just plain fun.
  •  My extended family and family-in-laws who get to share the love of our children.
  •  My grand-dogs who provide barks, whines and whimpers that let us know we are needed.

    Grand-dog NEMO!

  •  My home—which I thought I might lose last year but through the grace of God and help we were able to keep.
  •  My job that brings in income so that we can keep our home. And allows me to help others on a daily basis.
  •  The North Texas Food Bank—which provided food when we had none.
  •  Friends and relatives who provided necessities in our time of need.

If you have never been in need you probably will not be as grateful for what you have as someone who has felt real need. Reach out to someone and share your good fortune so they may feel God’s love through your hand.

Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


Comments on: "Thankful" (2)

  1. Kathy Cagle said:

    We are thankful for many things, one of which is you and your family.


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