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Blessings through the Pain

I don’t really drive a stomper!

What a week I have had. My focus has been on doing all I can to recover from a torn rotator cuff. The exercises are painful but I thought I was making progress until…yes there is an until. On Thursday night I was headed home from work, feeling tired and anticipating getting home and resting from the day. As I sat at the stop light with two cars in front of me, I waited for the light to turn. Then suddenly a loud crack and bang, I was thrown forward in my seat and I realized I had been hit from behind. I put the car in park, took off my seat-belt and got out of the car. I was shaking, really shaking.

The woman that hit me was apologetic and admitted that she had not seen me there. I did not see her coming because I was looking at the light and not in my mirror. At first the woman was distancing herself from me and expecting me to take her information while she stood back. But then she realized how shaken I was and became very helpful. She took pictures of the damage and sent them to me, she called her insurance company on the spot to prove she had insurance. She even questioned whether I was ok to drive afterward. I guess if you have to have an accident you would want to have someone like her on the other end.

As nice as she was it didn’t help the injury that I received from the impact. Under the advice of my nurse daughter I went to my doctor the next day and confirmed that I have some neck damage. Now I am under even more intense regimen of tens machine, icing and medication to deal with the extra pain, woo-hoo!

Through it all I see blessings. The first blessing was watching God turn this lady’s heart to be helpful. The next blessing is getting good advice from my daughter and my sister. After speaking with the lady’s insurance company my sister told me I should call my insurance company too and let them know what happened. When I did, they took over the whole thing and are going to deal with the other company for me. That was a real blessing. If my daughter had not insisted that I see the doctor I may have suffered in silence and waited too long to have the injury covered by the insurance.

So, yes I am in pain, but thanks to the grace of God I am on my way to recovery and my car will be fixed soon too. Praise God for all his blessings. Praise God for the small things in the midst of the painful things. Enjoy your week, God willing I’ll be back next week with more.


Comments on: "Blessings through the Pain" (2)

  1. Kathy Cagle said:

    We can see the blessings in all this. We will be praying for God to show Himself even greater in all this! We love you and are sorry you have gone through all this!


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