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One of my favorite pastimes is fishing. There is something very relaxing about throwing a line in and waiting to see if anything in the water will bite on it. On my last fishing excursion the first lake we stopped at nothing was biting. After about an hour of trying we moved to another area of the lake where we had seen fish jumping. We still couldn’t get anything to bite. So we went to lunch and changed lakes.

At the second lake the water was clear and not muddy like the first lake. So I baited my hook with corn—I don’t like to touch worms. I threw in my line and immediately something was moving my bobber up and down. There were hungry fish here. I brought my line back in and reloaded. Looking at the water as my line landed I saw the school of fish all swim toward the hook filled with corn. I can’t express the tension release that I experienced at this moment, I was having fun.

Bob caught the first fish, but it was too small to keep. I caught the first keeper. Even if we hadn’t caught any keepers the trip was great. One time I threw my line out and after the fish had eaten all the corn off and I hadn’t hooked one they began to swarm and attack the bobber. I called Bob over to watch. One or two at a time would back up and then swim into the bobber as if to say—“Hey put some more corn on the hook we are hungry.”

I of course obliged and continued to feed the fish until I ran out of corn. At the end of the day after catching not enough to make a meal, Bob was bringing in the line that he had put on the bottom with blood bait to catch a catfish. He thought it was stuck on a rock or something and was having a hard time pulling it in. Then it began to move and he knew he had gotten something. After a brief, but exciting battle he pulled in a wide mouth bass, unfortunately it was a half-inch too small and he had to throw it back. The day was relaxing and exciting all at the same time.

And is there a spiritual parallel to this story? Yes there is. It is more exciting to share the gospel with those who God has made ready and are hungry for the word of God than to share with those who are not interested. So go find yourself a lake that has hungry fish and share your faith with them. It will re-ignite the passion for ministry. This is the same thing that happens to people who go on their first mission trip to a hungry area of the world. They taste that excitement and it ignites a fire in their bones to share. Share the gospel everywhere you go, but never forget the excitement of sharing it where the fish are hungry.

Enjoy your week; I’ll be back next week with more.


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