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Be on Guard

As I sit and ponder what to write this week. I think back over my week. While driving to work this week I suddenly had a renewal of my revelation of God’s presence. I remember the last time God’s presence invaded my car in the middle of traffic; I began to cry and had to ask that He wait to speak until I arrived at my destination. After all I wanted to be able to pay complete attention to what He was saying and write it down. Traffic is no place to be distracted.

This week there was just a renewal in my mind and heart that my life is a testimony to His goodness. I have witnessed miracles of various types; I have experienced salvation–which is a miracle in itself. I have enjoyed the opportunity to help others experience salvation. I have walked the difficult road through this life at times and at other times it has seemed that the road was smooth as glass. It’s on that smooth road that I have gotten too confident and found myself sliding off into a ditch before I realized that I was out of control. I seem to pay more attention on the bumpy and windy road because I know there are dangers, but I forget that there are also dangers on what looks smooth and easy.

Isn’t that how we all fall into sin? Our life seems easy and we relax just a little too much, then BAM we hit the wall. We usually don’t even see it coming. This week I learned that I have to be aware every moment what I am doing. Sometimes I can let others stressed out attitudes rub off on me. Their problem then becomes my problem and I am useless to help them because I am not showing them the way out, I am joining in their misery.

Wow, I am amazed at My Father in heaven who gives revelation as I type the words. So what should I do?

That is amazing. If I can live this scripture I will have victory around every corner.

  • Always on guard for the temptations to join in others misery instead of helping them out of it.
  • Standing firm in my faith believing that I can obtain God’s best through faith.
  • Being courageous because I know God is with me.
  • Being a strong person because God commanded it.
  • And most importantly, living my life out of love not fear.

Won’t you join me in living out this scripture day by day? Enjoy your week and I’ll be back next week with more.



Comments on: "Be on Guard" (1)

  1. Kathy Cagle said:

    I Cor. 16:13-14 speaks to me about a lot of situations in my life right now. And it is true for me that the easy road is the dangerous road. Thank you. I am glad I know you, Kitty. You are amazing!


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