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Faith Steps through Turbulence

Walking through turbulence

I have struggled with writing this blog. It is Sunday morning and I have still not gotten an acceptable article to post this week. With attacks on the U.S. Embassies all over the world, I wonder how to keep peace in my heart. These are definitely turbulent times for the United States. As I watch the political arena I see the blame being shifted from policy to outside sources and back again. At this point what matters to me is that the turbulence is escalating.

So in the midst of this how do we keep our peace? Structure is the answer. We must personally have a structure in place in our lives that deals with disturbing news. Everyone will have their own way.

Honestly, first I may cry and complain to my husband or those around me. Then when I realize what I am doing I put into place the structure that will restore my peace in the midst of turbulence.

The first place I go is to God in prayer.

PRAYER–communicating with the One who created the universe, the one who saved my life from destruction, the One who is in control of my life because I have surrendered to His authority by accepting Him and His ways.

The next place I go is into God’s word.

Prayer is great while I am praying and it relieves stress but I must have a way to combat the battle that goes on in my head after the prayer is finished and I am walking through the turbulence in my mind. Repeating God’s word over and over in my mind helps shape the view I have of what is going on around me. Reading about how God delivered His people repeatedly in the Bible helps my confidence to grow. If I can keep the perspective that God is in control, I will not worry because I will be confident in Him.

The next step is to walk in confidence.

Where we lose our confidence is when we focus only on the problem and not on the solution. Looking to God is looking at the solution. When I look to God I realize that no matter what happens in this life I will spend eternity in peace and joy in the next.

Join me this week walking through the turmoil with peace. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more. And special thanks to my husband who helped me finish this posting.


Comments on: "Faith Steps through Turbulence" (2)

  1. Kathy Cagle said:

    Paul and I just read this together. Prayer, the Word, and walking in confidence. So good. We can appyly that to so many situations. Can’t skip any of these steps. Thank you for this good word, Kitty


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