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Passing Tests?

If you are like me you struggle daily with one thing or another. When I was very young I struggled with learning everything I needed to know to pass tests. As I grew those tests became more like the story problems we had in math, real application of the fundamentals that I learned. Recently this has come back to me as I once again study to pass tests to get certified. It is amazing to me the amount of laws, bills and regulations we have to “protect” us. As I study I have to remember long names of bills and what they do and honestly most of the time there is no correlation between the name and the effect of the legislation. The study becomes complete memorization. Of course the more I study the more I retain and the better I do on the test and hopefully the better I will be at my job.

That is the key. If we just study to pass the test we really fail because the whole idea is that we will understand and retain the information so that we get better at what we are doing. That is why we should meditate on the word of God. The time we take in thinking about what we are reading allows that word to become a part of our lives.

Would you like to go to a doctor who passed all of his/her tests but did not know how to apply that knowledge? I know I wouldn’t. I would actually rather go to a doctor who failed some tests but knows how to apply the information that he/she learned.

How many “Christians” do you know who don’t have a clue what Christianity is all about? It is easy to say you are a Christian but not so easy to learn it and pass the everyday test of living it. If you think about it this way, everyday is a test of what we have learned, what we have retained and what we can apply. This is true of all aspects of our lives, on our jobs—with our children—with our spouses—in every relationship we have.

So this week join me in remembering that every day is a test, but we have been given all the answers in the bible—all we need to do is learn and apply them. Enjoy your week and I’ll be back next week with more.


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  1. Kathy Cagle said:

    My favorite line “we have been given all the answers in the bible—all we need to do is learn and apply them.” I am learning this finally. So good. Thanks again, Kitty.

    We are proud of you for continuing to grow and study. What an example for your children and the rest of us. Look forward to talking with you about what you are studying.

    We love you, Kitty, and Bob and your family.


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