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Security blanket

I hear many sad stories every day. They make me realize how blessed I am. But they also make me understand what really matters. The things of this earth are only temporary but the things of God are eternal. I have said that many times in my life but some days it is very real to me. As I read Chapter 11 in the book of Romans about God’s mercy, it put my life in perspective.

Security is important to everyone. Some children have security blankets which make them feel safe. Should we find security in our things or in our relationship with God? The things of this life are here today and gone tomorrow. You can buy a house today and a hurricane can take it out tomorrow. You can buy a brand new car and someone running a stop light can destroy it in an instant and take away your health at the same time.

God’s mercy trumps everything. He created us and gave us a free will to decide for ourselves how to live this life. He also gave us His word to show us how to live in a way pleasing to Him. I think we get so wrapped up in our physical existence that we sometimes lose sight of the eternal things. It is hard to focus on what you cannot see when the things you see take all of your time and effort.

Even though it is hard to do, we need to make time to focus on things not of this world. If we live our lives on this earth as if it is all that matters, I think we miss what God has for us. But if we can find a way to live eternity in the midst of time, we will have lived a full life. I am going to make more of an effort to see the eternal in the midst of my everyday life.

I believe this is the real challenge of Christianity, to live like forever is real and there is life beyond what we can see. Knowing there is more than this world makes me want to get closer to the One who created this world. Having a close relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth gives me security. I feel secure in His arms and knowing that I will be with Him eternally gives me strength to meet the challenges of the day, whatever they are.

There is nothing in this world that is more important than God. When I remember this as I go through my day, I walk with confidence meeting all the challenges that arise. Join me this week in remembering God’s importance and how everything else pales in comparison to Him.

Enjoy you week. I’ll be back next week with more.


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