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I was studying this week and came across something interesting. It was a little section on process goals versus outcome goals. I have never really thought of it in this way, but it is good to set goals to lead us down the path to the desired outcome. When it comes to personal goals most of the time I see a big goal and try to walk toward it, but if I were to set smaller goals–like stopping off points–I would actually get some built-in encouragement as I reach the smaller goals. These encouraging steps could be just what I need to keep going.

Every day we are in the process of being perfected in Christ. Can we set ourselves some goals to aid the process? If I think about my life I try to achieve the goal of reading my bible and praying every day. When I accomplish these two goals I always feel like I can go on to something else. But these goals are not outcomes they are part of the process that renews my mind so I can think like Jesus. When I think like Jesus I begin to act like Jesus. When I act like Jesus other’s can see Jesus in me. When others see Jesus in me I have the opportunity to expand the Kingdom of God. When I take advantage of that opportunity the outcome is that God’s kingdom expands and I not only act like Jesus, but I begin to experience the love of God shed abroad in my heart. With this I am being perfected in Christ.

Wow what a trip! So, reading my bible and praying lead to some interesting stops which encourage me to move up in my life and I get to take others with me!!! Reading my bible and praying leads to a process goal of thinking like Jesus– which leads to a process goal of acting like Jesus–which leads to a process goal of looking like Jesus–which leads to the outcome goal of kingdom expansion.

Ok, I thought that was pretty cool. So this week I challenge you to give yourself some process goals that will lead to your ultimate life goal. Enjoy your week and I’ll be back next week with more.



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