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Nightmares and Dust

“Oh God help me!” she whispered as she quickly sat up in bed. When are these nightmares going to end? I need help. I guess it is time. I wonder where I put it.

She stumbled in the darkness. “Ouch”, she squeaked as the pain in her stubbed toe throbbed. “I have to keep quiet or I will wake someone again. Where did I leave it? It has to be here somewhere. I think I saw it last year sometime. Maybe over here, no… over in that pile,” she thought.

“Maybe I should call mom. She could help….. No! I know what she would say. How could I tell her I didn’t know where it was? Oh! How do I get myself in these messes? If only these nightmares would stop on their own, I wouldn’t need it.”

She stumbled around for a few more moments, then like a light in the darkness she found it. There it was enshrined on a small table in the corner of the guest bedroom full of dust. She grabbed a rag and dusted it off. Swallowing her pride, she opened the book. “I wonder how long it has been since I’ve read, a year…. or longer.

The book’s binding was perfect and new. There was not a wrinkled page. Opening it she realized this was the first time she had looked inside since receiving it from mom years ago. She sat there stunned as she read the inscription, “I know you may not open this book for years, but some night when you are desperate for an answer you’ll be glad to have it. I love you and God loves you.  MOM”

She burst into tears. Suddenly she realized God was watching out for her. She thought of how many times she had seen mom sitting with her tattered bible reading and praying. She hadn’t prayed a true prayer in years. Oh there had been a lot of “Oh God I need……and please help me get…..and I want…” prayers but nothing from her heart.

She sat there, in stunned silence trying to compose a prayer. “God, I know you love me. I know I have forgotten you. I know I need you. Please show me what to do. Forgive me for being too busy for you.”  A small breeze blew the bible pages and she began to read.


Comments on: "Nightmares and Dust" (2)

  1. Kathy Cagle said:

    This was so good and touching. Love the pictures you choose. Each article is so different. Love you, Kitty and family


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