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Have you ever been in a room with a lot of sounds from music, TV or voices and heard something that didn’t sound quite right? When you notice the different sound you try to quiet all the other sounds. Then you listen intently to the one sound that was different.  Sometimes it is an alarm.

Years ago while at work I heard an alarm. I thought nothing of it until it began to annoy me and my co-workers. In between tasks I went to the window to see if I could tell what car it was coming from. But that was pointless. In my mind I thought it might be the building alarm, but it had been years since I had heard it and was unsure. A few minutes later we found out it was the building alarm but never heard what had set it off. 

How often does an alarm mean nothing to us? They are meant to warn us but it seems they go off too often to even affect our lives these days. This different sound catches our attention because it is usually loud enough to annoy and interrupt our routine.

Our society is so loud that it seems only very loud things can interrupt what is going on. Why then does God speak in a still small voice? Why doesn’t He try to compete with this world to win the lost? Because just like the alarm if God was loud we would ignore Him and begin to think He was just more noise. I think He wants us to slow down, quiet down and listen. When we quiet down and listen we will hear that still small voice. It is not audible; it is heartfelt and full of wonder. It is a definite and distinct voice that calms and directs.

Sometimes I am too busy worrying and fretting about life to obey that voice even when I have heard it. Sometimes my worry overwhelms me so that God’s voice is drowned out. I learned this week that no matter what happens in this life God is still there. I was having a really worry-some day on Friday and my daughter called me. It was a most unexpected call, because she is a very busy person these days. But God knew I needed encouragement. Her call encouraged me that I had heard that voice–even though she didn’t know it.

I see His hand and direction and hear that small still voice that tells me “walk on the water”. In the next few weeks I am going to be getting out the boat and walking on the water. I have taken the first step and am praying my faith will lead me through even if there are crashing waves on all sides. I covet your prayers and thank you in advance for them.

Enjoy your week. Maybe you should be walking on the water too. I’ll be back next week with more. 


Comments on: "Still Small Voice: “Walk on the Water”" (4)

  1. JACQUIE said:

    Funny how God works. I love you mom and we be praying for God’s favor in your lives this week!


  2. Kathy Cagle said:

    I wonder how many readers thought as they read this, “I am there also.” I feel like God is speaking to Paul and I to step out of the boat also. I don’t think our experience sounds as scarey as yours may be. We will be with you in prayer. I know God is going to bless you amazingly as you obey, Kitty.

    Thanks again for such an uplifting word from the Lord.


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