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As I walked my neighborhood this week I noticed some flowers growing in yards and fields.  When I came out later and looked at them again I realized they had moved with the sun. They faced East as the sun came up then they followed the sun through its trip across the sky. As Christians we are like the flowers following Jesus (the light of the world) every moment of the day.

Some people call these flowers weeds, but as I watched their dance with the sun I understood that they are God’s creation made to bring Him Glory. Christians are sometimes treated like weeds that the world wants to remove or mow down. But there is beauty inside of us that reflects God’s glory to the world. The key to this glory reflecting is keeping your eyes on God. These flowers wake early in the morning and spend their whole day following the sun. When the clouds get in their way they still look up expecting rain to refresh them.  We can learn a lot from the simple movements of a flower in bloom.

But what happens when the flower quits looking good and goes to seed. The wind blows and all the seeds scatter. It looks like life is over, but then next year we see more flowers than last year. It is the same with us. We seem to lose our beauty and that is when the wonder of God is working behind the scenes. Suddenly the wind of the Holy Spirit blows and all the seeds scatter. Sometimes our circumstances seem to pluck us out of the ground and the movement releases our seeds and the wind directs them so they may land and produce more flowers. Our life has been spent but not in vain.  God will get the glory for all the plants that bloom the next year. And there will be people who will be upset to see more flowers in their yard and they will try to poison them, mow them, dig them out and remove them from their sight. But the flowers will come back again.

Jesus and His church will never go away no matter how much some wish we would. We are planted and multiplying. We bloom and show God’s glory. As others watch they will see where we are looking, turn and look too. When they do we will introduce them to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and take them into His light and life.

Let God’s light shine in your life this week so His glory will be known to the world.  I’ll be back next week with more.


Comments on: "Weeds or Glory Reflectors?" (2)

  1. JACQUIE said:

    Well said mom! I think we all need to remember this, especially when we feel so defeated. Thanks for sharing!


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