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This famous line comes from commercials for Life Alert. Their product gets you immediate help with the touch of a button. To the younger generation these commercials were comical because they looked fake and most young people have little experience with a frail body and an inability to help one’s self.

Falling up the steps seems funny until it happens to you.

As a cautious driver making a wrong move on the freeway seems unlikely until circumstances cause you to swerve out of control to avoid an accident.

“I never get sick,” may be your motto until sickness catches you off guard one day.

“I don’t need a Savior,” could be your mindset until you realize you will have to answer to God for everything you do in this life.

Anyone who could relate to the woman lying on the floor in a helpless position might understand the need for the product and buy one for themselves or a loved one. The woman depicted in the commercial was in desperate need of help. She acknowledged her need and cried out for help from anyone who could hear her. There are those who are in need of help but refuse to admit their need and therefore refuse any help that comes their way.

Then there are those who jump at the opportunity for help. Peter was a good example.  He sought after Jesus because he knew Jesus held the words to eternal life which he desired to possess. (John 6:67-69) He jumped out of the boat to walk on water because Jesus was there to help. (Matthew 14:22-33) After he had denied Jesus and watched Him suffer and die on the cross Peter knew he needed help and forgiveness. Maybe Peter thought if Jesus really was alive He could receive forgiveness.  So when the women came back from the tomb he ran to see, hoping Jesus had risen. (Luke 22:7-24:12)

Today who will pray with those whose circumstances have broken their bodies or lost their peace?

Who can lead the sick to the Great Physician?

Who in this world can help those who realize they need God’s love and forgiveness?

Who can direct them to the one who created the universe and formed them in their mother’s womb?

Who reflects God’s glory in this earth for the lost to see?

Who is the “Life Alert” for those people?

I believe it is you and me. Join me in bringing God’s glory through compassion, love and forgiveness to those who acknowledge they need help.


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