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Have you ever heard of the envelope method of budgeting? Basically you divide your income into envelopes that represent expenditures or savings in your budget. For example you will probably have envelopes for groceries, gas, each credit card bill, mortgage or rent, savings, utilities, etc… As your money comes in it gets divided into these envelopes and you can only spend what is in the envelope for that month. It is a great way to understand the limitations of your resources and live within them. Did you know there is an app for that? Technology just keeps making our lives easier and easier.

Money is a limited resource because we only earn certain amounts at a time. We have to figure out how to spend this limited resource. What would you think of someone who over spends their limited resource and budgets their unlimited resource? That’s crazy, right? You would be amazed how that happens every day in our society.

How can you have a limited and unlimited resource? Good question. Our limited resource is our money that we earn, but our unlimited resource is the love we can share with others.

Using the envelope budget as a starting point here are envelopes for budgeting love with the world.

Sometimes we see this one when relating to children. They are loved when they are well behaved and only forgiven when they have suffered enough penance.

Sometimes we are greedy with our love and only love those who love us back. They are only forgiven when it is helpful in the current situation. This is a very short sighted budget that forgets that forgiveness is like money in the bank, it brings great returns.

Friends are sometimes treated to this love budget–only receiving love when they are near but when they are gone so is the loyalty.  True friendship really isn’t like this.

Our Father in Heaven loves us all the time and forgives us no matter what.  As love is shared it multiplies, that is the mystery of love being an unlimited resource. Giving it away makes it grow.

Is there an app that will help me love all the time? Can I download something to help me reach into this unlimited resource of love and forgiveness? Maybe there is a webinar that will help.

No app or webinar will help only a real life commitment.

We get access to this resource when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and abide in His presence. How does that work? Like any relationship it is built on communication (prayer from your heart), education (reading God’s word to better understand who He is) and devotion (expressing gratitude for what He has done for us and listening to His voice).

God’s voice is in His word and in the very heart of us. If you take time to be quiet and focus on God you will hear his voice. It may not come through your ears, but it will be in your heart and mind.

This week I am going to forget about budgeting my love and give it freely to all I have contact with. Will you join me? Enjoy your week I will be back next week with more.


Comments on: "IS THERE AN APP FOR THAT?" (2)

  1. Kathy Cagle said:

    Wow! and Oh me! I want to remember and apply the last envelope to forgive and give love without limits. From God to you, then to us! Thanks, Kitty.


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