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Endangered Species

Most people are familiar with Crush and Squirt (the sea turtles) from Finding Nemo. They are a wonderful characterization of free spirits living life and having fun. But did you know they are an endangered species? Dude, they are like in danger of being forever gone! All over the world people are being warned not to disturb the eggs sea turtles lay and not to turn on lights around them for fear that when they hatch they will go toward the lights and not out to sea.

Legal posting related to sea turtles and their...

Legal posting related to sea turtles and their nests in Boca Raton, Florida. Français : Avertissement légal concernant les tortues marines et leur nids à Boca Raton, en Floride. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Signs warning people have been intricately made and detailed. Whole web sites have been dedicated to steps that can be taken to not disturb the turtles. Five steps have been lined out that will help everyone help the turtles. Then of course you can always give money to the cause to let others do some of the work of protecting them.

These turtles have many predators, but we cannot allow man to be one of them. We must protect them at all costs. Make up flyers, have marches, make web sites, put up signage, make new laws etc… to make sure no one disturbs their habitats.

This is great and I applaud those who dedicate their time to protecting the helpless turtles. But why aren’t all threatened species treated this way? There is another species that should be on threatened species list and provided the same protection of the turtle. But instead of being given protection laws have been passed to say it is ok to kill the young as long as they are still in the womb. What? That is preposterous!

What species is undergoing this horrible injustice? It is none other than the human race. That is right. Our laws protect animals and plants, but do not protect the sanctity of human life. What has gone so horribly wrong with our society that causes this to happen? We see protests for many things, why don’t we see more for the life of our children? 

There are 39 women currently walking from Huston, TX where the largest Planned Parenthood facility is located to Dallas, TX where the Roe vs Wade decision was given to bring this issue to light. The 39 women represent the 39 years since this decision was given.  The Back to life movement seeks to change the view of abortion in this country. Click the link to their Facebook page and show your support by liking it. For more information their website is

Check out the “180 Movie” located at This is an eye-opening documentary that seeks to change hearts and minds about the life of the unborn child.

Join me in praying for the people who have been hurt by abortion in this country. There are many women out there who have had abortions and need healing and there are many people out there who have lost relatives to abortion. And pray for those who contemplate abortion as an answer to their situation. Abortion doesn’t just hurt the child it hurts the adults involved too.

Enjoy your week. I’ll be back next week with more.


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