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For each of my children I have stories that I can tell. Some of them are funny, happy, sad, or bad but all of them are unique to the child. Without my children I would not have these memories which enrich my life. Without my children their spouses would not know their love, their children would never be given life. Generations of my family would be lost.  One life missing leaves a great hole in our world.

There is a unique potential each person has been given by God to show forth His glory in the earth. The enemy of our souls knows this and makes it his business to convince us that having a child is a burden and not a blessing. He gets us to focus on the negative and thereby we convince ourselves that we do not need the bother of children.

Some would say that an unborn child can be killed if its conception is a result of a rape. But let’s think about this. God redeems people. So a child born from a rape can be redeemed and become a beautiful part of God’s glory on this earth.

Some would say I do not have enough money to have a child. But a child (Jesus) born into financial poverty saved the world from their sins. A child, George Washington Carver was born into slavery and poverty overcame both and contributed greatly to society. Why can’t a child born into poverty make a difference today?

Think about the things that are missed from the children who were never given the chance to live.

… the voice of a child saying their first words, smiling their first smile, giving their first hug, singing their first song, playing their first musical instrument.

…the family memories like the games never played, the awards never won, the positions never held, the accomplishments never achieved, family story time never had, family gatherings that never happened, pictures never taken, grandchildren never born and legacies never passed on.

What about the part of God’s glory that will never be shown?

We can change our world one child at a time. Choose life.

Enjoy your week. I’ll be back next week with more.


Comments on: "A Lament for the Unborn Child" (1)

  1. Yes, a child is a beautiful thing and the loss of one does create a hole.


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