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I Chose Life

My parent’s lifestyle showed us that life is precious. So in 1973 when Roe vs Wade brought legalized abortion into this country, we all wondered why. Why could life not be precious to everyone? Common sense had told us that life begins at conception and murder is wrong. How anyone could take the life of another was a mystery. I understand now that not everyone had the same upbringing as we did and some were deceived. So many beautiful children have been murdered because of this deception.

Being the youngest of six children I learned most of my family’s history in bits and pieces after the fact. I found out that the younger of my older sisters was born with RH factor issues that threatened her life. She was one of the first babies in the U.S. to have a complete blood transfusion. In thanksgiving for my sister’s life Daddy built a shrine in our side yard. The doctor told Mama after my sister’s birth that she should have no more babies. I thank God often that Mama did not listen to the doctor. As a further memorial my parents named me after Sister Kathleen Mary who attended my mother during that turbulent time.

Growing up, I wasn’t like most girls I knew. I didn’t dream of the day I would get married or how many children I would have. I just lived day-to-day without much thought of my future. Sure I had crushes on boys, but they did not lead to marriage dreams. 1979 became the year that changed my life. It brought with it the man I would marry, and an adventure that is ongoing.

I was in my third year of college and old enough to understand how my body worked but too stubborn to believe it. I remember confiding in my RA for advice because I suspected that I might be pregnant. She sent me to a Planned Parenthood clinic for a pregnancy test. I had heard that these clinics just wanted to perform abortions and I knew I could not do that. So I went with all the confidence in the world that I could withstand the pressures they would put my way. They tried to counsel me, but my stubbornness took over with their first question. “What are you going to do?” the counselor asked. I told her my fiance and I would just move our wedding date up so our baby would be born after our wedding.

At that point no-one knew that Bob and I had already committed ourselves to marriage. We had picked out rings one weekend when Bob was taking me back to school. We were not going to share the news with anyone until we could afford to pick up the rings. All that changed. Suddenly I found myself in the position of many other young girls, unmarried and pregnant. I know the pressures. I understand the thought that an abortion would end this problem. But I knew that what was going on in my body was not a disease or a tumor, he was a child.

Almost thirty-three years ago we decided to let our first son have a life. It was not an easy time after the decision but he is worth it. He has a great life. He now has a wife and two adorable children. Our decision allowed that to happen. I feel sorry for those women who were deceived with selfish reasons into having abortions. I know some of them and the shame and horror they have had to endure. My prayer is that not one more child would be aborted, not one more woman would be tortured with that decision. My prayer is for life to win.

 Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.


Enjoy your week. I’ll be back next week with more.


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  1. Kathy Cagle said:

    I put this on my FB page. Soo wonderful.


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