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Christmas Reflections

Christmas is a time for reflection on our Savior and His humble birth. After 400 years of silence from prophesies suddenly angels are appearing with promises. Life turned upside down for a small community of believers. Could this be the beginning of their deliverance from Roman rule? Could they finally have a Savior after all these years?

First an angel appears to a priest in the temple and he silences him until the birth of his son, John. John was a miracle baby, born to barren parents. Then an angel appears to Mary, a virgin and she accepts his proposal of bearing God’s Son.  Another angelic appearance to Joseph, Mary’s betrothed, seals the deal for the birth of Jesus. Then there is a long ride to Bethlehem for Mary and Joseph for the taking of the census. Mary is ready to give birth to this miraculous child as they enter Bethlehem so long ago. Joseph tries to find a place for her to give birth and is turned away because of the crowd staying in the city. Finally, compassion rules and an inn keeper gives him a stable where they can stay.

Mary gives birth to Jesus in the stable. But it doesn’t end there. Shepherds in the fields get a visit from angels and are told to look for the Savior in a stable. Stunned by this they immediately go to witness this miracle birth. God wanted witnesses for this momentous occasion. Then, when all seems calmed down there is a visit from three wise men from far away. They began their journey about the time of the birth of Jesus when they noticed a new star in the sky. This new star shined bright and guided their journey. Knowing this was the star of a King they went to Herod to congratulate him on the birth of a son. But they found Herod was not the one with the child. With a little more information and the star as their guide they travel to Bethlehem and find Jesus and his family. They give Him gold, frankincense and myrrh, noble gifts for such a humble child.

(The full story is in the Book of Matthew chapters 1 and 2 and in the book of Luke chapters 1 and 2.)

When I remember what Christmas is really about I begin to relax and enjoy the fact that God loves me. I hope you take time to enjoy the hope of the season and the wonder of Christmas. Merry Christmas, I’ll be back next week with more.


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