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Test to Testimony

A friend posted a picture of a decorated tree with the caption “I love my Christmas tree.” It reminded me that I sold some furniture and items including my Christmas tree and some of my Christmas decorations this year for money to pay bills and get groceries.  It is funny how I really don’t miss that stuff, because the things of life have become less important than life itself.

There is no testimony without first going through a test. The past two years I have experienced some major testing.  I can say that my husband and I may have made it through another test. After months of having absolutely no income, we have work. Today I declare God’s faithfulness. He has used many friends and family to sustain us during the dry times. We are not out of the woods, but we are feeling better about being able to earn a living again.

Due to an extreme slow-down in business and a fear of losing our home, I prayed a prayer a while back asking God for one of two outcomes: dry up our business, sell our house and we will move, or prosper us to overflowing so we can stay. At one point we saw the dry up of the business but no house sale, and then we began to get work. This has been a real learning experience in the midst of the test.

I learn things with whatever is around me. I was holding a long piece of stiff wire the other day. I put the bottom on the floor and the top in my hand. As I twirled the wire I noticed that it stayed pretty much straight up and down, but when I put pressure on it the area that it took to spin was greatly increased.  I liken this to my life. When all is going well I just spin, not affecting many lives. However, pressure from the test makes my life intersect many other lives.

This most recent test has taken me to people I would have never met under normal circumstances. It has shown me God’s love and compassion in the faces of strangers. It has given me a better view of the world and the love of God as it flows through people. I live better pressed down like the wire. It helps me appreciate everything more; share more; love more.

Don’t despise the test, but rather pass through it on to the testimony.  Hopefully I am taking this test well and will be able to share a good testimony at the end.

Enjoy your week. I’ll be back next week with more.


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  1. Well Said! And yeah for work!!


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