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God is in Control

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God is in control and that is all I know. There are times in our lives when we have to admit that we have no real control. Sometimes this is easy because things are going right. And sometimes this is hard because things aren’t quite the way they should be—or so it seems.

I remember a time of peace that illustrates our understanding that God was in control. We were young excited Christians and every sermon challenged us to a new place in our walk with Christ. As we were on our way home from church this particular Sunday we were thinking about the sermon. Our pastor had taught us about walking on water in the midst of a storm, i.e. trusting in Jesus in the midst of your circumstances. As we drove up to our house we noticed something unusual. There was water pouring out from on top of the foundation of our house. It was a very strange thing to see.

The interesting part was that no one panicked. When we got into the house there was running water at least an inch deep on the floor.  Bob, my husband quickly found the broken pipe and shut down the flow. We laughed as we looked down at the flooded floor and realized we were walking on the water. This fit the sermon we had just heard. But more interesting was the peace that surpassed our understanding. We knew that God was in control and this was something that could be fixed.

Feeling somewhat amazed Bob decided to call our pastor and tell him what had happened. The pastor immediately offered help, which Bob declined. We weren’t calling for help, we were excited about the peace that we had in the midst of this problem. The story did not end there. Bob had to call someone in to estimate the repairs for insurance. Through this contact he was able to get a job doing carpentry, the trade he knew, and leave his other job. In the long run, this was a good thing. The experience he got on the new job helped him as we made our next step to moving out-of-state and eventually starting a construction business.

In retrospect, even though there was a crisis God was in control leading us and guiding us through the storm. The most amazing thing is His peace in the midst of the storm. Things around us were not perfect, but things inside of us were good. When you experience the peace in the midst of the storm you know that God is in control.

As you go through your storms this week, reach inside and give all you have to God so that you can experience His peace in the midst of the storm. Enjoy your week and I will be back next week with more.


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