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Miracle at Wal-Mart


Image by Leonard John Matthews via Flickr

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was completing my weekly shopping trip, a regimented trek from store to store ending at Wal-Mart. Driving my full-sized Chevy Van with my daughter on board we made it to the last store. The day had been uneventful. Everything that couldn’t be purchased at Wal-Mart was already loaded in the van. We parked and entered the store.

The trip went fairly quickly purchasing milk, eggs, bread, ice cream, etc…–all the standard purchases for a family of five. As we stood in line at the check-out my mind was already a step ahead planning the rest of my day. I was not thinking about prayer at the moment. Walking through the first set of doors into the foyer changed the tone of my day.

I noticed a Wal-Mart worker sitting on the bench with her head in her hands. In my head and heart I heard, “You need to pray for her.” I knew I couldn’t just do a “drive by prayer” as I walked out. It was clear in my mind that I needed to pray with her. I remember my immediate response to this prompting was a deal. “Ok God, I’ll pray for her, but let me put my groceries into the van. Then I’ll come back.”

All the way to the van, in my head I was conversing. “God is this really you, because I don’t know this woman. If she is there when I get back then I will know it is you.” I knew that if this was God speaking, I had nothing to fear. With the groceries loaded and my daughter sitting in the van waiting for me to put the cart away I headed back inside the store.

Praying for someone I did not know was difficult. My struggle with fear and intimidation began in childhood. I had trouble speaking with anyone I did not already know. I could handle group settings where I could just listen until I was comfortable enough to speak.

As I walked in the store, I saw her still sitting there. After carefully returning the cart to its place, while working up my courage, I walked over. “Do you have a headache?” I asked. She confirmed the headache. “May I pray for you now?”  She enthusiastically said, “Yes”.  At this point all fear and intimidation left me. It didn’t matter that this was Wal-Mart and there were people all around. I knew what I had to do. After praying a simple healing prayer we parted thanking God. I knew I had done what God asked, the rest was up to Him.

Returning to my van I felt pretty good about this act of sharing God’s love with someone I had never met. As I backed the van out and maneuvered through the parking lot, I saw an unusual sight at the entrance. There she was with a smile on her face dancing and raising her hands. Apparently God had healed her immediately.

God did a double miracle that day. He set me on track to overcome my fear and intimidation and he physically healed someone. You never know when or where God will step into our world and change things. Keep your eyes open and your heart ready for your sudden encounter.

1 Corinthians 16:4 “Do everything in love.” If we walk in love we will do God’s will.

Enjoy your week. I’ll be back next week with more.


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